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Your Visit     [top]

At Hunkeler Eye Institute, you will find a warm staff dedicated to making your visit with us a positive and beneficial experience. Starting with our patient service representatives and billing staff, who will handle scheduling your appointment over the phone and take the time to answer any questions, including insurance issues. Our locations are easy to find with close, accessible parking. There are no parking garages and our front door is on the ground level. Our main office has a large brick tower out in front that you can not miss.

Once you have arrived, you will be greeted by our front desk staff, who will gladly help you with the check in process. If you are a new patient, downloading and filling out new patient forms before your visit can definitely expedite your check-in process.

We do offer free refractive consultations to anyone interested in learning more about their candidacy for different vision correction procedures. We understand that refractive surgery is not for everyone and we always have your best interest in mind. Our knowledgeable and friendly technicians will perform a series of tests, including a comprehensive eye examination, to determine which procedure, if any, can potentially meet your visual goals. The exam includes pupil dilation and the entire visit takes approximately two hours. Pupil dilation with this exam can last up to 24-36 hours. In addition to determining candidacy, you will become well informed about the available procedures and the associated risks and benefits. If you decide to schedule your surgery, you will receive a clear understanding of your instructions prior to surgery and what to expect the day of surgery and beyond. This exam also requires discontinuation of contact lenses, the duration of which varies accordingly: soft contact lenses, 3 days, soft toric contact lenses, 1 week, and rigid gas permeable (RGP) contact lenses, 3 weeks. We do offer a short refractive evaluation to determine candidacy without discontinuing contact lenses. A short evaluation takes approximately one hour.

For patients coming for cataract evaluations and general eye examinations, your visit will last approximately 1.5-2 hours. A series of tests will be performed, along with a comprehensive eye examination. This exam also includes pupil dilation. The dilation will last 4-6 hours. We have diagnostic equipment that many eye care providers do not offer. Your condition will be thoroughly explained to you by the doctors and staff. If cataract surgery is recommended, there will be a complete discussion about the risks and benefits of the procedure. You will also be educated about the different lens implant options available to you. Please review information in the Cataract/Implant Surgery section.

Your Surgery     [top]

Laser Vision Correction (iLASIK and PRK)

  • The surgery is performed in our laser suite located at our main office in Overland Park: 7950 College Blvd Ste. B 913-338-4733
  • Remove your contact lenses. Duration before surgery may vary depending on type of contact lenses and exam findings.
  • Keep your normal diet on the day of the procedure.
  • Take your regular oral medications.
  • Do not use eye drops the morning of the procedure, unless instructed to do so by the doctor.
  • Wear comfortable clothes the day of the procedure.
  • Do not wear facial and eye makeup.
  • Please purchase any prescription eye drops and start before surgery as instructed.
  • You will need someone to drive you home the day of your procedure per Kansas State law.
  • Plan on arriving 15 minutes before your scheduled surgery time and you will be here for approximately 2 hours.
  • You will be offered a mild sedative to help you relax; it is suggested but not required.
  • Please wear the protective goggles until your visit the next day.
  • It is important to follow your discharge instructions.
  • Once released home, we encourage you to take a nap. With LASIK surgery, expect 4-6 hours of discomfort. Tylenol or Ibuprofen can be taken for discomfort. As for PRK surgery, there is the potential for uncomfortable eyes for 3-4 days. We do supply a prescription for stronger pain medicine if Tylenol and Ibuprofen are not working.
  • There will be several post operative visits after your surgery, including one the next day.

Cataract/Implant Surgery

  • Your surgery has been scheduled at the Overland Park Surgery Center (2nd Floor): 5520 College Blvd. (NW Corner of College Blvd and Nall) 913-491-3040
  • You should expect to be at the surgery center for approximately 3 hours.
  • You will need someone to accompany you to and from the surgery center the day of your surgery because you will receive sedation. We do offer a van service for transportation the day of surgery and the day after surgery.
  • There will be food restrictions the morning of your cataract surgery. You will receive more information during your visit with our surgery counselor.
  • You will want to continue all of your regular medications, unless instructed otherwise. You will also continue all of your eye medications.
  • No facial or eye make-up should be worn the day of surgery.
  • You may wear your dentures and hearing aids.
  • Please remove your contact lenses prior to surgery.
  • Please wear the protective plastic shield over the operated eye anytime you sleep for the first 3 days.
  • If you have some discomfort following surgery, feel free to take Tylenol and Ibuprofen.
  • It is important to follow your discharge instructions.
  • You will have several post operative visits, including a one-day, one week, and one-month check.

Patient Forms     [top]

We look forward to seeing you at your appointment. For your convenience we have made a number of forms available for you to download. Filling these out prior to your visit will help expidite your check-in process.

If you're unable to open these files, you probably need to download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader program, which is available at the following location: www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep.html

Payment Options     [top]

At Hunkeler Eye Institute, we are committed to offering the most advanced and safest procedures available. We have developed the following payment options to assist in making these premium procedures as affordable as possible.

1. CareCredit: As a service to our patients, we are pleased to offer CareCredit, the nation's leading patient payment program. CareCredit lets you begin your procedure immediately - then pay for it over time with low monthly payments that are easy to fit into your monthly budget. Hunkeler Eye Institute has partnered with CareCredit to offer a special 24 month, 0% interest payment plan. It only takes a few minutes to apply for CareCredit and you may receive an online decision in seconds! Apply now or call 913-338-4733 for more details.
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2. Flexible Spending Plans: We also accept flexible spending accounts (cafeteria plans) to help cover the cost of surgery. Flexible spending accounts allow you to reserve pre-tax dollars for your procedure, resulting in a significant tax savings. We recommend that you come in for a Free Refractive Screening to make sure you are a candidate before election of this money.

3. Vision Insurance Plans: Even though Hunkeler Eye Institute does not participate with vision insurance plans, we will honor any laser vision correction discount offered by your plan. Be sure to tell our staff you have such a benefit and we will certainly honor it. Most vision plans offer a 15-20% discount.